Bellemeade Phonics

Land of Lo Fi & Redbirds
Snocko Music Cassette 1988
A/ Roving Gambler, The Monkey Song, Everytime You Leave, Horse's Ass, Nowhere to Go, On the Grand Canyon Line, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Halleluia I'm a Bum, Slippery Rag, Lo Bonney. B/ The Twilight Zone, Eyes Eyes, Uncle Bob's Corner, So You Say, Keep 'em Down, Sweet Lucy, It Don't Take But a Few Minutes, Duck's Yass Yass, Redbird, Hog of the Forsaken. 
"When they toured during the heat wave of '88, Hurley & Dave Reisch recorded the gigs and at Soundhound Studio in Richmond VA. Side Two features Michael Hurley and the Redbirds (Al Zanzler, Doug Southworth, Morgan Huber, Robert Nickson) at Folk City '76. They get into some hard bop." 

Excrusiasion '86 
Snocko Music Cassette 1988
A/ Reconciled to the Blues, Eyes Eyes, Nowhere to Go, Broadcasting the Blues, The Slurf Song, Werewolf, In the Garden, O My Stars
B/ Open Up, Don't Call Me Sam, Long Haired Preachers, Halleluia I'm A Bum, Sweet Lucy, Shackles and Chains 
"Excrusiasion: excursion, crusade, invasion, excruciating; and so it was all up and down the east coast in February and March,1986 with Mike Hurley, Bouncing Bob Jordan & Butchie Baker. They recorded every show & the best stuff is here. Most of it was recorded at Folk City & at the homecoming show at Paul Stacy's Blue Plate in Holden, MA where they were joined by Brian Rost and Dr. Bones".

Growlin' Bobo 
Snocko Music Cassette 1991 
All About You/ Under the Willow, Wild Goose, Blue Navigator, Monkey Woman, County Boys, Drivin' Wheel, Slurf Song, Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys, Whiskey Willey, Hackle or Jackle 
Recorded at The Mill in Winooski, VT, November 14/15 1980.
Michael Hurley, Derrick Semler, Driftin' Bob Iwaskievwicz, Robin Remaily, Gary Sisco. "The Mill was the kind of a place; your luck was liable to be good if you didn't screw up too bad". 

"Sixty minutes of pure folk-rock heaven" Kevin Kraynick, Damp.

Woodbill Brothers
Snocko Music cassette 1992 
Ms Petty Blues, Me Solo Uno, She Got a Mathematic, Old Mother Hubbard, The Abominable Snowman, The Dialogue of Love, $10.00 Gig, I've Taken Leave, Down in Little Chinee, Fare Thee Well Blues, The Beggar's Terms 
"In the summer of '92 the Woodbill Brothers gathered from the four great corners of the globe to celebrate a little known species; the people of corn, as well as other cereals. They are made of corn; they are made of bread, rye or whatever. Virtually brainless, heartless etc., these creatures nevertheless can speak, sing, have feelings, & are perpetually hungry. They need to be recognised as a whole people, & granted citizenship to the United States with all the priveleges that go with it."
Recorded at Bellemeade Phonics in Richmond, VA.