"News Dipped in Time"

ISSUE 1 February 1996 (sold out)
Introduction. First songs, 1964. Vermont, 1979. 
Snock live, 1979. Chicken Apparition.
Spotlight. Blue Navigator, 1984.

IISSUE 2 September 1996 (sold out)
Introduction. Snock Goes to Germany - in '94 - and in '95. Parsnip Snips.
Have Moicy Anniversary Special - contributions from: Dave Reisch; Bill Nowlin; Michal Hurley; Peter Stampfel; Jeffrey Frederick; The Best Album of all Time by Greg Forman.
Unholy Modal Rounders. Holy Modal Rounders '96. Discnews.

ISSUE 3 April 1997 (sold out)
The Late Great Jeffrey Frederick Remembered. 
IRISH TOUR 1996: A snock-blinkered trip through the Guinness Temple Bar Blues Festival.
Townes Van Zandt meets Michael Hurley (in Germany). Mail Order. Uncle Bob'
s Corner.

ISSUE 4 November 1997 (sold out)
Early Hurley by Peter Stampfel. Captain Kidd AKA Captain Garbage.
Snock in The Midwest: Chicago, Illinois; The Barren Choking Land; Colombus, Ohio.
Jeffrey Frederick Remembered Part 2. Snockgrass. Uncle Bob's Corner.

ISSUE 5 June 1998 (sold out)
Peter Stampfel Special: The Disappearing Locomotive; Bottlecaps are Cool;
Milwaukee Blackey by Michael Hurley; Foe of The Bad, Pal of the Good by Ira Kaplan;
Holy Modal Rounders Interview in 1970 by Nick Tosches; The Vinyl Lives of P. Stampfel by Byron Coley;
Back to Milwaukee; Holy Modal Rounders 1998.         Bellemeade Sessions. Michael Hurley UK Tour.

ISSUE 6 March 1999 (sold out)
Snock in The Unified Kingdom, 1998: UK Diary; London Interview;
Lone WolfMan; Scotland; Folk Roots
Peter Stampfel 2: Comstock Lode; You Must Remember This;
Holy Modal Blither; Ancient Whizdum; Harry Smith Anthology; For The Mall-Content.
Reviews. Uncle Bob's Corner.

ISSUE 7 May 2000 (sold out)
Sweedeedee - The Swedish Tour 1999. Snockman in the Promised Land.
SPRING OF '86. Limelight on Crewe 1999. Boone and Jocko in subscribe. Fresh Eggs from Hot Chicken Rumps.
Holy Modal Rounders family re-union. Holy Modal Blither. Snockophonic, real hi-fidelity.

ISSUE 8 November 2002 (sold out)
The Kornbred Dialogues. Colorblind James Remembered.
Cordially yours - 3 Blinds Blues. Snock goes to the cinema.
The Du-tels European Tour 2001: Peter Stampfel's Tour diary. Rotterdam live. Sheffield live.
No knowledge of heaven required. Pie of the forsaken. From first to latest.

ISSUE 9 November 2006 (SOLD OUT)
Antonia Tribute - Essays, Interview, Rare and Original Antonia Stories.
Colorblind James on Michael Hurley. Dan Aloi on Colorblind James. Down in Dublin.
Banja Heaven. Snock & Pals in Vermont 2006.
PLUS free CD of 11 Antonia songs performed by Peter Stampfel and Pals.

ISSUE 10 April 2009 (Sold Out)
Freaky! - Peter Stampfel on the origins and originators of Freak Folk.
Michael Hurley & Amy Annelle 2007 Tour Diary. 1981 Rounders in Oregon- Timely news on the Rounders & Clamtones.
PLUS free CD of Rare Tracks 1971 - 2009 featuring Michael Hurley, Peter Stampfel, Robin Remailly, The Holy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & The Clams from the Desert

ISSUE 11 February 2014 (OUT OF STOCK)
Available in DeLux pack with Comic, Free CD and Postcards
Contributions from Dave Reisch (on 5 Decades of Snock), Banana on the recording of Hi Fi Snock Uptown, Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records, Robin Remaily, Ed Ward, Bob Jordan's 1986 Tour Diary Part 2 ( Part 1 featured in Issue 7), Nigel Cross interviews Michael Hurley about 'Blue Hills' LP. Plus other stuff.