Blue Navigator 9

Blue Navigator Issue 9 (November 2006) was reprinted in 2017 for a NY Tribute Concert to Antonia. SOLD OUT. 

Antonia was the talented, unsung lyricist who effectively formed The Holy Modal Rounders by introducing Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber to each other. She also wrote or co-wrote many of their songs.

"Antonia was truly the birth-mother as well as the wet-nurse to The Holy Modal Rounders. Folks should know just how creative and brilliant she was" Steve Weber. 

Antonia Tribute
- Roots of Antonia by Peter Stampfel
- Antonia Interview (2004) by Kathryn Frederick
- 3 Rare Stories by Antonia.
- Antonia Discography by John McFadden
+ 'Antonia's 11' CD
11 rare and unreleased songs written by Antonia and performed by Peter Stampfel with John Parrot, The Muscular Christians and The Bottlecaps. Five songs* were recorded specially for this CD in NYC, July 2006.
Fucking Sailors In Chinatown*, New Happy Time, Nightwalking*, New Limehouse Blues, Places Where You Never See The Snow, Laura The Horse*, Freddy's Blues, Sentimental Song*, Cajun Polka, Float Me Down Your Pipeline*, Going To See The King.

Issue 9 also features:
Colorblind James on Michael Hurley.
Dan Aloi on Colorblind James.
Down in Dublin CD reviews.
Banja Heaven.
Snock & Pals in Vermont 2006.





If You Want To Be a Bird by Antonia

If you want to be a bird
Why don't you try a little flying
There's no denying
It gets you high
Why be shackled to your feet
When you've got wings you haven't used yet
Dont wait for heaven
Get out and fly

Just glide there
Through the clear air
Making figure eights
Through the pearly gates
Where the soul and the universe meet

It you want to be a bird
It won't take much
To get you up there
But when you come down
Land on your feet