Co-compiled by Michael Hurley, 2014

Michael Hurley - Bad Monsanto  plus tracks by Wes Buckley, Alexa Whiley, Barry Walker, The Osprey Singers, Christopher Luedeke and John Sgourakis

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Migrating Birds, the Songs of Lal Waterson
Honest Jon's Records HJRCD31, 2007, Compilation by Charlotte Greig and John Williams

Many Artistes, including King Creosote, Vashti Bunyan, James Yorkston, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Victoria Williams, Alasdair Roberts - and Michael Hurley (How Can I Leave)

The Great Koonaklaster Speaks
A John Fahey Celebration
Courtesy of Table of Elements & A Bevy of Artistes, US 2007

"A rather stunningly beautiful celebration of the weird and wonderful music of the great john fahey, fahey is widely regarded as one of the finest acoustic guitar pickers of all time and is one of the leading lights of minimal folk blues sounds, he was always an artist trying to find new sounds and new ways of playing folk and blues music, this fine collection of modern interpretations of some of his classic pieces features jack rose, greg malcolm, ben vida, sir richard bishop, michael hurley, no neck blues band, lichens, badgerlore, r keenan lawler, pumice and david daniel"

station to station one 
A Mixum Gatherum of Artistes
Benefit CD for KBOO Community Radio, US 2007 

This benefit CD consists exclusively of material recorded live on the air on KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, Oregon. "station to station one" features live originals by Michael Hurley (Light Green Fellow, O My Stars, Old Black Crow), Bingo, Jim Boyer (of Freak Mountain Ramblers), Sophe Lux, Crash & Betty and more. Curated and produced by Jessica Stiles. All proceeds go to listener-sponsored KBOO Community Radio. 

Numerous Artistes Lost Highway CD 2005

Music from the critically acclaimed HBO Series 'Deadwood' featuring American roots music from an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Lyle Lovett to June Carter Cash to Jelly Roll Morton to Michael Hurley (Hog of The Forsaken), with full dialog excerpts.

I Make A Wish For A Potato
The Odd Artiste Here & There
Rounder Records, US 2001

"The quintessential Rounder Records artists - we kind of named our company after them - Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber (The Holy Modal Rounders) combined a wildness and wackiness with, paradoxically, both irreverence and a reverence for tradition. If they neglected to mine and include any small corner of American music, it wasn't for lack of trying. Joined here by cohorts Michael Hurley, Jeffrey Frederick and other Rounders and Clamtones"
Michael Hurley: (I'm Gettin Ready To Go; You Got To Find Me; Sweet Lucy; Slurf Song)

Various Artistes
Rykodisc CD 2000

ovie features Ethan Hawke, Bill Murray, Sam Shephard... Soundtrack features Morcheeba, Primal Scream, The Birthday Party, Josh Rouse and.... Michael Hurley (Wildegeeses) 

The Accountant
Ginny Mule Pictures' first film, 'The Accountant', won the 2002 Oscar for "Best Live Action Short". Written and directed by Ray McKinnon, it stars Ray, Walton Goggins and Eddie King, and was produced by Lisa Blount and Walt Goggins. A dark account of two brothers trying to save the family farm and the eccentric accountant who sets out to help them..."It's doable... but it ain't gonna be purty."
End Titles: I Paint A Design - Michael Hurley

Meet Me at Club2
Multiple Artistes

Benefit Farewell Tribute CD, Germany 2000

Benefit 2 CD compilation for Club Zwei in Munich, Germany. Features unreleased tracks or rare live recordings at the club. Artists include... Lambchop, Funny Van Dannen, Handsome Family, Attwenger, Notwist, Jeb Loy Nichols, Friends of Dean Martinez, Superpunk, Mucus and.... Michael Hurley (Love is The Closest Thing; Roomful Of Roses)

U-Sound, Vol. One
Lots of Different Artistes
US/UK 2000

2 CD compilation of live performances at the Pink Pony, NYC, recorded March, April, December 1999. Features - amongst others - Army of Ghosts, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Tara Jane O'Neil, Tono-Bungay, The Doves, Daniel Carter Ensemble, Sai Flora, Unity Sound Ensemble, The Double Leopards, Furchick, Glands of External Excretion, Mathew Valentine and.... Michael Hurley: (The Aliens; Knockando)

Hills of Home
Multivarious Artistes

Rounder Records, 2 CD, US 1995 

25 Years of Folk Music on Rounder Records... Michael Hurley (Sweet Lucy). Same track also appears, along with 173 others, on 9 CD Box Set '25 Years of Rounder Records'

Love is My Only Crime (Vol 1) Many & Various Artistes
Veracity/Intercord, LP, CD, Germany 1993

Compiled by Peter Schneider. Featuring - amongst others - Charlie Feathers, Townes Van Zandt, Ben Vaugn, Mo Tucker, Lorette Velvette, Sylvia Juncosa, Barbara Manning, Alex Chilton, FSK, Sid Selvidge and... Michael Hurley (Dialogue of Love) 

Delicacy & Nourishment 
Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol 3 
Numerous Artistes
Duplex Planet, CD, US, 1993
Compiled by David Greenberger. Featuring Yo La Tengo, Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps, Peter Blegvad, The Shines, HP Lovetunnel, Idlewild and... Michael Hurley ('Z')
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